Arab Muslims, please consider it Palestine!

I hope you are not offended seeing a fellow Egyptian talking badly about the Syrians refugees who filled Egypt. I hope you are offended when you hear sentences – about them – like “ We have our own problems, no need to the Syrian one “ . Please don’t be offended and consider them ignorant. More importantly consider them rocks not humans.
I know you care about the Syrians and you feel sorry for them, yet I ask you again not to get offended. I am asking you this simply because the ones who were supposed to be sane and knowledgeable and real humans are offending Syria as well!
Once, I was asked by a Bosnian friend: “ Why you  Arab Muslims don’t care about Non-Arab Muslims ? “
“Hmm “I puzzled, “ I agree with you, and I am apologizing “ I added
Actually I wanted to say : “ We don’t even care about our Arab neighbors. Every country is isolated from the other, thanks to Sykes-picot ! “
Bosnia suffered from a bloody war which continued for 3 years; from 1992 until 1995 where thousands men and kids were killed. You may think I despise women for not mentioning them, but believe me I am dont! It’s just I would haven felt a forger if I mentioned them with the men and the kids as simply they were not killed one time, but twice; once time when they were physically killed and another time when they were raped!
For your information, in Srebrenica only, in one day 8000 people at least were killed, and Allah only knows the number of raped women! The result :  Arab Muslims are not available and the Bosnians won the title : The forgotten Muslims!
Iraq was invaded in 2003 where more than a million have been killed. Women have been raped on daily basis in Abu-Gharib while other women and girls were forced to travel abroad working as prostitutes not to gain their livings but may be to gain the living of their kids or brothers and sisters. Till now tens are killed on daily basis and women continue suffering. The result : Arab Muslims are not available and the Iraqis  won the title : The discriminated Muslims.
I can go like this for pages and pages, From Andalusia 1492 to Syria 2013. In every case we can count tens of hundreds of human beings dying rapidly and rabidly by an invader whether a foreign invader or an inner invader. I don’t care about the invader, only resistance is the solution and the appropriate method of dealing with him, I care more about our role as Muslims, especially the Arabs.
As a matter of fact I said “ especially the Arabs “ not because I despise the Non-Arab Muslims or think they are inferior, but actually because we Arabs think they are superior, another problem to deal with in another article. But for now let’s agree on this : In the first example Arab Muslims failed the Non-Arab Muslims. In the second example, the disease spread, making us caring not even about the rest of Arab Muslims, only ourselves. Again thanks to Sykes-picot and cultural invasion.
One thing which I can’t find a reason for till now is that despite all this, we supposedly still care about Palestine. Supporting resistance every now and then, doing our best sometimes to help the cause. I am confused !
Regardless my confusion and back to my first point which you might have forgotten: the offense you feel regarding the Syrian issue. Don’t you feel offended as well when some people do their best to help the “ Palestinian cause “ while caring not about Syria ? Don’t you feel offended to see the media ignoring the death of hundreds of thousands of Syrians while mobilizing people for the death of one only in Palestine ?
Here I am speaking to the Arab Muslims again, as they think they are the only Muslims on this planet. If so, then I think you must be responsible for everything happening or affecting Muslim communities! If  they are superior, then they are more responsible than other, and thus I am speaking to them.
I think every true believer must feel offended when he/she sees his/her people treating one Muslim better than the other. I think Syrians themselves are offended to find themselves a second class people!
In order to not misunderstand me; I am not saying that we are giving Palestinians their rights, they deserve more. And I am not saying to treat them as second class or to forget them! All what I am saying is to remember the rest as much as we supposedly remember the Palestinians, yet all Muslims for me are in the same level, no one is superior than the other . All of them are my brothers and sisters! So please Arab Muslims consider Syria as Palestine, even for one week only, please consider it Palestine!

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